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Since 1992

Know About Us !!

Krishna Petrochemicals was established to cater to the various requirements of different industries all over the world. Combining our professionalism and industry expertise in petroleum products, we aim to provide innovative solutions to satisfy the performance requirements of our clients. We have evolved an unprecedented leader in our area of operation, with a fusion of exceptional research and development resources.

Our core team of professional, experienced and qualified and a dedicated workforce have together ensured that we remain at the forefront of the industry developments and breakthroughs. Our greatest strength is our versatility to provide different products to offer our customers a wide range of petroleum products.

We are manufacturer, exporter & supplier of industrial fuel & automotive lubricants, heavy automotive lubricants, automotive lubricants. Our products are of meticulous quality and manufactured to suit wide requirements of our clients.

We are an experienced player in the field of petrochemical industry over the years. We are providing our clients with top quality industrial fuel & lubricants, heavy automotive lubricants, automotive lubricants and fuel oil which are used in various industries & common need. With our expertise and sophisticated infrastructure, we take up all operations with utmost ease. We have acquired a respectable position in the international market & are growing strength to become one of the largest petrochemical manufacturers & exporters in the country.

Extraordinary Experiences

Our operations are supported by a highly qualified, talented and experienced team of petrochemical engineers who thrive to achieve new heights of success by ensuring company’s remarkable ascent in the industry. Our team is well-trained and work in accordance with company’s policies of quality assurance, customer satisfaction and safety standards. They have in depth industry knowledge which helps us to address the issues which are specific to its core. Our team goes through regular training to work as per the international production practices.

Our Core Values

Our organization’s paramount priority is to deliver quality products. 

"A century ago, petroleum - what we call oil - was just an obscure commodity; today it is almost as vital to human existence as water."
- James Buchan

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